Do you want to spend your Spring/Summer of 2018 learning about the amazing honeybee? If finding ways to save the honeybee population, catching swarms, or learning about colony collapse disorder sounds like a good time, APPLY TODAY!


What you WILL learn

As a beekeeping apprentice, you will learn the art of beekeeping. You will work side by side with our Head Beekeeper, Dr. Cory Gaiser.

During the Spring/Summer apprenticeship your hands on experience beekeeping will involve: catching swarms, pulling honey frames, catching queen bees and assisting in inspections . This part of an apprenticeship may take place in our apiary or in/around the Cincinnati area. This is an un-paid apprenticeship. 

Our program will begin in April and go through the end of October 2018.

Do you Qualify 

Before you apply for our apprenticeship program, make sure you qualify.

First, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have no known fatal honeybee allergies
  • have a passion for honeybees
  • availability during April - October 
  • must live within or around the Cincinnati area
  • knowledgeable in journalism/english writing skills 

How to apply

To apply for our beekeeping apprenticeship program for 2018, you will fill out and submit an online application below.

We are looking for someone who is not only passionate for learning about honeybees, but also someone that would like to educate others about their findings.  


If we approve your application, we will create an apprenticeship agreement. It will cover the conditions of your beekeeping apprenticeship.

Name *
Address *
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A little or a lot, we want to know what your level of beekeeping is. Never been close to a hive? No problem. Just let us know.
One of the most crucial parts of our program is journalling. During the inspections, Cory will tell you about the honeybees and their status. After that, you will have to do a summary on each hive to track their health. Is this something that you can do?
Our program takes place April-October, are you available during this time? *
Beekeeping season takes place during the warm months. Beginning in April and carrying out through October, so we must know that you're available the majority of these months.