Gaiser Bee Co Hosts Local Brewers

We had a visit from experienced brewers last Thursday to learn more about honeybees and honey. We taught them about the basics of beekeeping and the structure of a hive.

Honey can be addded to beer in several different steps of the brewing process. It can be used for flavoring, or even to increase the alcohol content in beer. Brewers are the second largest commercial consumers of honey and Cincinnati has the forth highest breweries per capita in the United States. With that said, the brewers were excited and curious to learn more about honey from Dr.Gaiser.

Dr. Gaiser was able to show them how to locate and mark a queen before they suited up to go into a hive! We enjoyed showing the brewers where honey comes from and giving them a sneak peek into the beekeeping world!

Thank you to the National Honey Board for making this possible and organizing this opportunity for us.