Package Pick up 2017

Honey Bee Package Pick Up

You have decided to order packaged bees this Spring.  Whether it is to start your own apiary, strengthen weak colonies or replace winter losses it is very important that you are prepared for their arrival and travel back to their new home.

PICK UP: Packages are pick up only at our location with the tentative date of April 23, 2017.  (This date may change and if so you will be inform) Pick up starts at 6:00AM and runs throughout the day, with slots every 15 minutes.  Please contact us right away if there is a specific time that works best for you.  Otherwise we will contact you with your window.  All packages must be picked up on April 23rd, 2017  

Location: Gaiser Urban Farm - 3402 Kleeman Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


All packages are guaranteed to come with 1 caged, mated queen along with 3 lbs of worker bees and some drones.  This year the bees will come in a vented plastic box "bee-bus" which is easier for installing.  All packages must be inspected before leaving our location where they are guaranteed alive and healthy.  We can only be responsible for them while they are in our presence so please read below on how to safely transport and install your bees.

Gaiser Bee Company packaged bees

Travel: Once you have picked up your packages it is important to make sure they are well ventilated and out of direct sunlight while traveling back.  Make sure to minimize stops and try your best to get them to their new home right away.  If you must stop, make sure to park in a shaded area and give them proper ventilation. 

Installing: Getting your new bees into their hive is of the utmost importance when you have packaged colonies.  So we recommend having your equipment set up and ready for when you arrive.   Please watch this video before hand to see a simple way to install using this new "bee-bus" boxes.

** If you are unable to get them in a hive right away make sure to keep them in a cool, dark and dry area like a basement not exceedingly more then 2 days.

Please be sure to read up on honey bee management before pick up.  Once you leave with your bees we are no longer in control of their care so we are not responsible for packages once they leave our property.  

If you would like to order hives or equipment from us to be picked up at our location please email me at or contact me at 513-673-0503 Please call or email with any questions. Thank you and we look forward to meeting everyone in April.

Cory & Krystle Gaiser