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Swarm Season Is Here

We are at the beginning of swarm season here in Cincinnati.  As the nectar flow strengthens the bees will start to produce swarm (queen) cells.  

What is swarming?  Swarming is the natural way bees create more hives.

When a swarm leaves the hive they cluster on a near by structure (tree, bush, deck, etc.).  The swarm then sends out scout bees to find a new location for them to live.  This is when we typically are able to catch them.

 Why is it important to help relocate them?  Sometimes  these swarms can end up in a location they are not welcome (school yards, sheds, house soffits).  When this happens some people are unaware of the importance of bees and can end up spraying them with insecticides, killing them.

What do you do if you see a swarm?  If you see a swarm, remember they are calm and are just looking for a new place to live.  Be kind to them and call an experienced beekeeper to relocate them.  You can help by sharing this information with friends and family to educate them.

Want to see what it looks like inside of a hive when it swarms? Click HERE to see how our observation hive swarmed last season.  At the end Cory was able to catch the queen as she was coming out to relocate them.

What happen next?  This particular hive was interesting to watch.  They attempted to swarm 3 times but the last time we were able to catch the queen and then do a split.  Click HERE to see what it looked like when we opened it up.

Want to see what a swarm looks like as it forms on a tree branch?  Click HERE to see this hives first attempt at swarming.  They landed on a tree branch before they decided to go back into the hive.

If you are in the Cincinnati area please give us a call if you see a swarm or any other local beekeeper.

Here we spotted swarm cells in a hive and knew they were ready to swarm.