Welcome to the 2019 Beekeeping season.  On behalf of the entire crew at Gaiser Bee Co., we want to say thank you for hosting a hive.  By hosting a hive, you are increasing the pollination in our community that leads to higher yields in our neighborhood gardens. 

We have created this program to not just grow the bee population but to bring awareness through education.  Throughout the season we will keep you up to date on the apiary as well as photos showing their growth.  We will share with you the some inspections and opinions on how the colonies are doing.

Please feel free to comment, share or come visit us on an inspection day. Thank you again and we hope you enjoy this season.

The journey to the bee farm ...


On April 23rd we began our journey to visit our friends at JJ’s Honey Farm in Patterson Georgia. Our arrival time was around 2pm that day and incase you are wondering … it was HOT!

Once we arrived we were greeted by Mandy & Jerome who run this southern honey farm. On pick up days like this they place the packages in a large room that is kept cool so that the honey bees stay at a reasonable temperature and do not over heat.

JJ's Honey Farm Patterson Georgia Gaiser Bee Co

Each one of these 3 lb. packages includes about 10,500 honey bees. These bees will include worker bees, some drone and even nurse bees.

These bees are raised separate from their future queen so she is placed in a cage separate from them. Her cage snaps into the top of this package so that the bees are able to acclimate to her pheromone before they are placed into actual hive with her.

Queen mandibular pheromone, or QMP, is a honey bee pheromone produced by the queen and fed to her attendants who share it with the rest of the colony that gives the colony the sense of belonging to the queen. Newly emerged queens produce very little QMP. By the sixth day they are producing enough to attract drones for mating. 

IMG_3915 2.JPG

We picked up 250 - 3 lb. packages that all have their own queen bee in a cage attached to the box. Now for some fun numbers, that is over 3 MILLION honey bees that we brought back here to Cincinnati! How cool is that?!

All the packages of bees are placed in a plastic box called a “bee-bus”. These plastic containers are more modern than what is traditionally used. We really enjoy this packaging because it helps for better travel and easier to unassembled when we are placing these into the new hive bodies.

Packaged Honeybee Gaiser Bee Co Cincinnati Bees
Gaiser Bee Co

Our future beekeeper had no problem getting up close and personal with these kind insects. He was beyond fascinated by the beautiful sound of millions of buzzing bees and the sweet smell of honey.


Back to Cincinnati …


The 14 hour trip back home is always nerve-racking because you never know how traffic will be, how the weather is or if there will be accidents along the way. We try to get from point A (JJ’s Honey) to point B - no pun intended (Gaiser Bee Farm) as soon as possible with minimal stops.


April 24th, 9am:

Pick-up day began. We spent the day meeting new beekeepers from all over coming to pick up their new bee colonies. Cory spoke with each person about how to install their package and what to do and what they should expect on installation.

CityBeat magazine also joined us that morning to interview us during the process to learn more about our travels to Georgia and how the bee packages work. It was a great morning!

Gaiser bee co cincinnati Ohio honeybees
honeybee cincinnati Ohio Gaiser bee co
Gaiser bee co honey b ee pick up day


In the video below, you will see a few different techniques that we use every year to install the packages. This process can be done in many different ways but we did the 3 most commonly used methods to help educate you with this step by step tutorial.  Please watch the video below to see how


Hello Ladies ….


We placed our new and repeat host boxes in the apiary the evening of the 24th and WOW did it give it personality. From the bright colors to the amazing bee-puns, our bee yard is looking good!

We’ve already received tons of comments from people at Mercy West Hospital that have seen these colorful hives from the 5th floor. They always seem to have brighten their day, so thank you for that.


What’s next …


Soon we will beginning treatments for Varroa Mites. This year we are choosing to try a few different methods so that we can see which treatment is best. Stay tuned ….