Welcome to the 2018 Beekeeping season.  On behalf of the entire crew at Gaiser Bee Co., we want to say thank you for hosting a hive.  By hosting a hive, you are increasing the pollination in our community that leads to higher yields in our neighborhood gardens. 

We have created this program to not just grow the bee population but to bring awareness through education.  Throughout the season we will keep you up to date on your colony and their journey in your personalize blogs below.  We will share with you the our inspections and professional opinions on how your colony is doing.

Please feel free to comment, share or come visit us on an inspection day. Thank you again and we hope you enjoy this season.

The Birds and the Bees ...


On April 19th, Cory, Anne, Little Buddy and myself arrived at JJ's Honey Farm in Patterson, Georgia.  We were quickly greeted by Jerome's entire team of beekeepers ready to help us load our order of 3 lb. packaged honeybees.  There they had an entire crew working hard to make sure that our packaged bees were safety secured for transportation.

Each one of these packages contains 3 pounds of honeybees, 1 queen and a can of syrup.  On average, 3 pounds of honeybees is about 10,500 bees. These packages will put off a lot of heat in the travel back to Ohio, so Jerome's team covers the top of the packages with buckets of ice.  It helps keep the temperature down so they do not over heat.  

We drove straight through the night from Georgia to Ohio and got back into town at 7AM on April 20th.  Once we got back home, we secured the packages in a cool dry area before we installed them on April 21st.

Pick up day in Patterson, Georgia April 19th, 2018

Pick up day in Patterson, Georgia April 19th, 2018

April 21st, with the assistance of some new beekeeper friends we installed our 2018 packages.

April 21st, with the assistance of some new beekeeper friends we installed our 2018 packages.



In the video below, you will see that this year we have decided to record the installation process of our 2018 packages to help give a better visual .  This process can be done in many different ways but we did the 3 most commonly used methods to help educate you with this step by step tutorial.  Please watch the video below to see how



Below are the individual hives that are being hosted by families/groups for the 2018 season.  We typically check on hives once or twice a month depending on how they are doing and what the weather is up to.  Please follow your personal links below as we do our monthly inspections.  We keep the inspections simple and quick so that we do no disturb the bees as much.

When we enter the hives, we have a mission.  We either want to see if they need more room, or if there are any issues.  If they need more space, we will add a new box so that we can prevent them from swarming, if we are concerned that the queen is dead, we look for eggs.

In your personal inspections you will see what we decided to do when we opened up your hive.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you and enjoy!



Wow, what a hot summer this has been. As beekeepers, we face different challenges every year. Some years the maintenance is higher while other years are lower. This year our challenge was the heat! Because of that, we were unable to be as organized and scheduled with our inspections as we typically are.

Cory did inspections on the hives when he found a break in the weather, therefore I was unable to get photos of each hive inspection. BUT with that said, the letting them “bee” method has not been a bad thing. All the hives seem to have great numbers and honey stored for winter.

We did not do a fall extraction in fear of taking away these girls winter supply. We will still place candy boards on all the hives in the coming weeks for extra food storage but we are leaving them with all their golden rod honey as well.

Our next move to get these girls ready for winter will be a few things; mite treatment, consolidating weak hives and insulating hives for help with winter warmth. Please see the videos below to see how we do this.


Thank you for your support and helping us increasing the honeybee population in our community. For those of you that came out, got stung and enjoyed every second of it we appreciate your help and courage. We hope you enjoyed learning about honeybees this year and hope you continue to be part of our farm.

NOW THE SWEET REWARD. Time for your reward as a host. As a host, you receive 10 lbs of raw honey from our summer harvest. You will receive these in the form of 10 / 1 lbs. plastic jars with a name of your choosing on them.

Please let us know what name you would like on your honey and we will gladly bottle these up for you just in time for the holidays. There are some amazing recipes online using raw honey too in you are interested. My favorite is the banana nut bread, yum.

We’d love to see how you use, share or store your honey this year so please post and tag us online so we can see.

Thank you again from all of us. Your decorated hive will continue to be part of our apiary for years to come so stop by and see them anytime. If you want to host again in 2019, please let us know.

Are you ready to take on beekeeping for yourself? Learn more about ordering bees for 2019 by clicking HERE.

-Krystle, Cory, Little Buddy & Anne