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Lewis Family Host A Hive Gaiser Bee Co.

Installed on April 21st



We pulled off some of the honey supers to start the extraction of honey. We have been doing this in small batches so far. We do this in small batches because of the time it takes.

The wax production in the hive is incredibly low this year. We have found, so far, that the honey supers that has pre-drawn out combs on the frames from the previous seasons have been the biggest success.

Host A Hive Extracting


It has been very hot this year. Temperatures at 93•F today.

Unfortunately, we are coming to the end of the nectar flow. Nectar flow is the time when bees have a large amount of resources (nectar from flowers as an example) to help them create honey faster in the hive. This time is more about the bees having access to nectar that will help in making honey than the flow of honey itself.

The swarms have almost been non existent. We did place a few swarm traps out in the bee yard just in case we could try and catch any hives that may swarm.

Host A Hive Swarm


We opened the top of the hives so we could view the activity of the bees. All of the hives has front entrance activity as well as under the inner cover. An "Inner Cover" is to provide the correct amount of bee space and good air ventilation. It also, can be used for clearing bees from a "Super" to harvest honey. After a general look over, we closed them up.

The look over went well and did not see any activity that would give us concern such as swarming, no eggs, no queen, etc.... We are trying to keep the disturbance to a minumal on the hives this year. We feel that everything has been going so well with how strong the bees/colonies have been and how the hives are. Our thoughts are to let the bees do what they do best - Make HONEY!

We will still continue with light inspections (treatments for mites, look out for any diseases/pests and presence of eggs/babies and the queen) but with minimaul disturbances.

Host A Hive Frames
Host A Hive Frame


Lots of activity in the hives so we didn’t want to disrupt them. There have been a lot of foragers coming and going so far.

Black locust is a big bloom flower that the bees love. This year, it has bloomed really fast and in large amounts.

We placed honey supers on all the hives that have already been drawn out with honey and has wax left over from the previous seasons, we reuse these frames because it is easier for the bees. When we reuse these frames, the bees use less energy on building the comb and more energy on storing honey.

We place what is called a "queen excluder" in between the "honey super" boxes and the "brood" boxes to prevent the queen from laying eggs in the honey. We want our "honey supers" to only contain honey and not eggs/babies (brood).

Host A Hive
Host A Hive Black Locust


Box 5, Lewis: This hive had lots of larva and egg. One of these jerks stung me. Added second box, but does needs frames and an attitude adjustment. Scheduled for anger management classes.