#ProjectPollination is a non-profit organization that acts to change environmental attitudes and behaviors, to protect and preserve pollinators, and increases awareness.

Today's modern world of industrial development has our pollinators at a disadvantage. With the monarch butterflies population decreased by more then 90% in the last 15 years and the honey bee suffering from the pandemic known as the Colony Collapse Disorder, we must step in and help. 

Pollinators play an essential role to our ecosystem. Most don't know that 1/3 of the food we consume is a direct result of pollinators. A world without these insect would be devastating to our food production.

Project Pollination educates communities on environmental changes we can make and promotes ecological farming. Through the bee-action plan, Project Pollination is able to place honey bee hives in areas such as community gardens, state parks, and nature preserves.

Where is #ProjectPollination 

Gaiser Bee Co. & Project Pollination are proud to announce our partnership with Cincinnati Nature center.  WE will be there to educate, inspire, and support honeybee growth in cincinnati area. 

To take part in some of our educational classes, seminars, and workshops.  Follow us on Facebook to learn how to get involved.

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