• A typical hive visits approximately 225,000 flowers per day.
  • Honey bees have been around for roughly 125 million years!
  • honey Bees must visit approximately 2 million flowers and fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 pound of honey.
  • Honey bees never sleep! 
  • Honey bees communicate with each other by dancing and by using pheromones.
  • Honey bees are cold-blooded insects that regulate their own temperature and regulate the temperature of the hive.
  • All worker bees are female!
  • Honey is 80% sugars and 20% water.
  • A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey per year.
  • It would take about 1 ounce of honey to fuel a honeybee's flight around the world.
  • Honey is the ONLY food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water.
  • Honey bees contribute to nearly $20 billion to the value of U.S. crop production.
  • blueberries and cherries are 90-percent dependent on honey bee pollination
  • almonds depend entirely on the honey bee for pollination at bloom time.
  • It’s estimated that there are about 2.7 million colonies in the U.S. today.
  • The California almond industry requires approximately 1.8 million colonies of honey bees in order to adequately pollinate nearly one million acres of bearing almond orchards.
  • Only female honey bees can sting!
  • Once honey bee eggs hatch into worker larvae, they’ll be fed around 1,300 times per day!
  • Worldwide there are 10 types of honey bees, and one hybrid – the Africanized bee.
  • Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of every 1 in 3 foods we eat.

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"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live."
~ Albert Einstein