EDUCATING today to protect tomorrow.

Save the Bees in Ohio by promoting best practices to improve your local ecosystem. Help support the pollination of Ohio's plants, fruits and vegetables by Hosting-A-Hive in 2020 ! Don't want to host a hive? Help support the bees and protect our future by simply supporting your local beekeepers.


Meet the Gaiser's 

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We are a husband and wife team with the world's best side kick, Little Buddy.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio we originate from Michigan (but don't worry we are not sports fans).  If you spend 5 minutes with us you will learn that we are incredibly passionate about beekeeping and love our urban farm.  Cory is a full time beekeeper and part time doctor, while Krystle is a full time farmer/mother. 



Our mission is to save the world one bee at a time.  After that, we hope to empower beginner beekeepers with fact based beekeeping knowledge, provide our community with pollination for successful gardening and a fun urban farm for our community to come and enjoy a piece of the country side. 


Meet our Intern

Annie Backs is a Cincinnati Native and a third year at the University of Cincinnati, studying Fashion Design in the DAAP (College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning) program. During her years as a DAAP student, she participates in the Professional Practice Program, alternating semesters of classroom study with work in the field of design. Annie is looking forward to continuing a second semester with us to learn even more about running a local business. She is excited to help us tell our story and share what Gaiser Bee Company is all about!



Vacation Ideas Cincinnati Ohio

Looking for a Vacation IDea?

Visit our farm! CLICK HERE to read more.


What are  people saying about Gaiser Bee Co.?

Best of Cincinnati 2019 Honey Farm Gaiser Bee CO.
Love Gaiser Urban Farm!! The honey was some of the BEST honey I have ever tasted. The eggs were equally delicious !! The Farm is a must visit. Located on the West Side but very close to I-74, so itโ€™s super easy to get to. The owners are very knowledgeable and are super nice.
— Joe Sanfillipo
I met Dr. Gaiser today. He is a super friendly guy. Iโ€™m glad to have them in the neighborhood.
— Mike Goertemoeller
Love the honey, its been great for my allergies. I highly recommend this family owned business the Gaisers Bee Co
I highly respect them. Because they are helping the community aswell as themselves. See yโ€™all soon
— Wykete
Oddly, I found them through Etsy when I saw a shirt I liked! We set up a time for me to swing by and everyone was so sweet. I hope to come back to learn about beekeeping so I can have my own hives next year!
— Samantha Schwier-Finch



Thank you to our Sponsor Rose Pest Solutions for helping us spread the word on healthy pollinators and providing these Wildflower seed packets to the Cincinnati area.

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