Verticomb V4.1 Hive


Feeder for V-series




Shown here the compatibility with flow type systems.

Shown here the compatibility with flow type systems.




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Verticomb is an easily accessible, 20 frame vertical hive system. This new hive body replaces standard "Midwest" brood chamber's (2 deeps). This allows for easy inspections while heavy supers remain in place. Compatible with standard (10 frame) Langstroth equipment.


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Want to be one of the first to own the patent pending Verticomb?  Order yours today at the link below.  Verticomb hive body's do come assembled, painted and ready to accept frames.


Fill out the form below to receive a shipping quote.  Please note that these boxes do come assembled and painted.  Weighting 35 lbs in a 22" x 22" x 18" box.  Shipping will be calculated based on your location and ship USPS.

This is for the Verticomb HIVE BODY ONLY.  Does not come with additional accessories. 

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  • How does this work with my current Langstroth equipment?  The Verticomb was designed to be used with standard 10 frame Langstroth equipment, standard deep frames, bottom boards, inner and top covers.
  • How do the frames stay in place?  The deep frame side bars rest on support rails within the hive.  
  • How do the frames stay aligned and at the same depth?  There are frame rails on the top and bottom that keep the frames positioned at the same depth.
  • Will the bees propolize the frames and if so does this cause problems for inspections?  Yes, as in any beekeeping house or structure, the bees will propolize any crack or crevice.  The surface to surface contact between the frames and frame rails is minimal.  This allows for easy inspection for propolized equipment.  Proper maintenance and cleaning are still required.
  • How is the Verticomb different from an AZ hive?  The AZ Hive has frames that are size specific and not interchangeable to other hive styles.  They rest horizontally on rails and the hive is only accessible from the rear.  While Verticomb uses standard Langstroth components eliminating the need to buy new equipment.
  • Why is this not available in an 8 frame?  Eight frame hives are typically used to reduce the weight burden but since Verticomb eliminates the need to remove heavy supers to inspect your hive, there is no need to have a smaller brood chamber.
  • How do the bees move from the brood chamber to the supers?  Verticomb is equipped with 27 slots on the top and bottom to allow easy passage.  While eliminating accessibility to rodents or other pests.
  • Can I still use my queen excluder? Yes!  The slots on the Verticomb are large enough for the queen to fit through so a queen excluder may be necessary if confinement is desired.
  • Are these hives stackable with one another?  Yes, these hives are stackable.  The slots will line up perfectly allowing easy passage from one box to another.  Boxes can be used as additional brood chambers or as honey supers.
  • Do I still need an entrance reducer?  The 27 slots on the bottom reduce robbing potential and allow the colony to defend the hive thus negating the necessity of an entrance reducer.
  • Are there issues with burr comb?  Verticomb is engineered to reduce excess space while maintaining "bee space" elimintating the production of burr comb.
  • Can you use previously drawn out deep frames?  Yes!  Although honeycomb cells are angled, changing the frames orientation from horizontal to vertical does not effect the bees use of the comb.  This has been proven from extensive field testing.
  • How do these frames fit in an extractor?  The Verticomb uses standard deep Langstroth frames, so if you are pulling frames from these for honey extraction the process will remain the same as before.
  • If I pre-order when should I expect to get my Verticomb?  Current production time places first order pick ups beginning August 5th.